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Animago Studio offers severals service for animation, mainly we use ToonBoom Harmony pipeline but we work also in TVpaint, After Effects and Moho, sometime we even combine softwares.

Character and Props design

From concept to modelpack for animation series, specials, features and game, we also offer a “debug” for original characters that have to be adapted for animations shows or for a specific production softwares.

Character for BoardGame

We also realize illustrations and concepts for cards and gameboard covers and packaging.

Storyboard / Videoboard

We realize storyboard for commercials and pre-school/school Animation shows, using mainly ToonBoom Storyboard Pro, or Adobe Photoshop and Premiere; due to our 3D basic knowledge we can even create place-holder or reference for ToonBoom Storyboard Pro; we can offer videoboard service and editing of board materials.

Complete Animation Pipeline or Specific Animation Process

Posing, technical layout and conforming, rough animation, clean-up and inbetweening, ink and paint, pre-compositing and compositing; animation for 2D videogame, mainly ToonBoom Harmony but we also use Spine and Aseprite.

Technical Counseling and Training for Animation Studio

If you need to create a program to train your junior or entry level artists, or you need that your longtime traditional artist can be comfortable in new animation system, we offer an efficient and quick training program for your studio, due to our experience as teachers in animation academy.


If you are a traditional artist and you want to learn new system, or you are an entry level/junior artist and you need to learn quickly ToonBoom Harmony or Storyboard Pro for a test or for a job, we can create your own lessons package at the time and price convenient for you .

Character Design for 2D Built and Harmony Building educational program

A character designer needs to understand the animation process for the show he is working on, in order to avoid issues as much as possible, and also, a good Harmony Builder/Rigger needs to understand what an animator really needs: we are animators and riggers too, so we can guide you through this journey and help you to be an efficient and creative Character Designer and Harmony Builder.